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This one is for the ladies only – Guys will never marry a slay queen



#Dear ladies , I am a guy but let me give this shikini advice.

We will never marry a girl that fucks like a pornstar💍, smokes like a dragon🚬 , drinks all kinds of alcohol🍾🍶🍷🍸 and Pierce everywhere pierceable ,🖋
Who wants to take a girl that customized her body with tattoos , can’t do without heavy make up and dresses like a bitch👠👙 , home ?

Cooking skills🍽 – zero , laundry game 👗👘👚- novice , traditional etiquettes 🏺- poor , home management🏚 – terrible . Just to wash plate🍽, you’ll be complaining , washing your own clothes na war 👗, noodles is your best food🍝🍜 and you always hate environmental . Shey you want to hear the bitter truth , we boys we tell you to keep it up👆 , keep slaying💃. We will take you to shoprite, justrite🎒🛍👜 , tantalizer, Mr Biggs, cinema , and everywhere you want to go . Shebi you can do Snapchat
and carry flower🍁🍀🌿🌾🍂🍃 on your head. Every time “nails on fleek💅” , “eyebrows on fleek👁” , ” pepper dem nonsense ” your future will still pepper you . Too much atarodo sauce 🌶🍅and chivita juice
. Continue. We will keep encouraging you and dating you👩‍❤️‍👩, we will hangout and have fun with each other but at the end of the day, we will leave y’all and go and look

4 a decent Girl 👫 to marry
. We won’t even care if she’s from the village sef . So far she can perform all home duties and make us comfortable and happy💏 .

By then where will you be ? What will you do with your life ? Better slay with your sense and let your thinking be on fleek.Guys will date slay queens💃,boss chicks👯,etc cause dating such girls during youth period is somehow classy🙌

 🙌.Buh trust me that guy will never take you to his fathers house🏚 when marriage is due.Keep on tattooing and piercing my sisters.
Think about your future. A word is enough for the wise.🏔🏞🏝🏕
Victor Idowu

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