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Read what happened next as Man brings side chic home to take care of children after his wife travelled



A story shared on twitter tells of a married man who brought in his side chic to look after the house when his wife travelled. The side chic immediately resumed wife duties as soon she was called in. She began posting videos of herself feeding the children. Wife sees the videos online, comes back home and began packing up her bag to leave.

Read story as it was shared.:

How will your wife travel then you bring your side chick home to look after your kids… Side chick is now making whatsapp status videos of herself in the kitchen feeding your kids, wife’s friend sees video & tells wife.
Happening in my compound now. 😂😂😂

See people’s reaction below;
Its some women dat shameless destroy marriages and relationships!
Change that mentality.the kids are for both of are meant to help each other.cos she has kids with you she can’t do biz and make her own money anymore? A man dt can’t hold forte and look after his own children once in a while,is dt one a man?
This is what happens when a slay queen?? can’t stay off Snapchat for a minute ???? kitchen duties on point
I don’t understand! So a man cannot watch is own children of his wife travels? I’m sure the woman must have put food and every other thing in place before living.
well Best it didn’t result to violence… He only showed his frustrations with her not being around him.. They will still make up and she will be advised by Right and intelligent female Friends.