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Is Dapchi girls adoption a scam ? – Find out



Dapchi girls

Nigerians are always in the dark when it comes to the truth about the countries’ affairs. Dapchi girls adoption of over 110 girls have been in the news lately and Nigerians even with frequent news update regarding the adoption still can find the a base.
Similar news which stormed the mainstream was the adoption of much number of  Chibok girls.

The possibility of  adopting 100 students and keep them in an unknown condiment is at 0% but yet the first place which it is believed to happen is in Nigeria.
You cannot transport 50 students, girls especially without having to take pain killing pills out of head ache caused by their restless nature. For me the news is hoax and incredible.

Controversial FFK – Femi Fani kayode has taken to social media to reveal the hoax nature of these kind of news. He said the the whole thing is a scam. In his words he wrote,

If you believe that a president that is capable of  pulling off the Dapchi scam with Boko Haram will allow a free and fair election next year, then you need to have your head examined.
There is no democracy in Nigeria. The machinery of government have been hijacked by the forces of darkness

Dapchi girls