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“I can’t remember the number of people I have defrauded” – Mother of 5 into fraud business for seven years



Have you ever done something multiple times and you can’t recall how many times you’ve done it. This the case of a woman who can’t recall the number of people she had defrauded. Shockingly, she is a mother of five. Ashile Basirat, 45, has been arrested in Abeokuta, Ogun State by the Ogun State Police Command for colluding with robbers to dupe passengers in the state.

The 45-year-old mother of five was paraded at the Police Headquarters in Eleweran, Abeokuta.

Ashile confessed that she took into the criminal act of duping people because she had once been a victim to fraudsters in 2010.

Like that is a good excuse.

Ashile said her children had advised her to stop the illicit business, but her venture into trade did not yield the desired profit, making her adamant to making success of her illicit business.

The Police Commissioner in the state, Ahmed Iliyasu, said Basirat, a suspected member of a fraud syndicate, engaged in hypnotising passengers and taking them to the nearest Automated Teller Machine point to dispose them of cash.
Ilyasu said the crime group specialized in driving commercial taxi cab, pretending to be drivers and simulated passengers to dupe the unsuspecting members of the public. More like what you seen in parks. Other members of the gang are Leonard Ifeanyi, Tajudeen Erinosho and Ashimiyu Olaniyan.

Explaining how her gang operated before they were apprehended, Ashile claimed that her gang members act as passengers in a taxi. They pretend to be waiting for one more passenger. When a victim is spotted, they would tell him or her that there was money in the booth, which could not be spent because it was spiritually locked.

The victim would be persuaded to follow them to a priest and “he or she would be brought to me, while I pretend to be an Ifa priestess (Iya Alawo). It was at the junction that we would then request for the bank details and card of the victim”

Ashile further revealed that her victims are too many to count as she started the business since 2011 after she was duped in 2010 by some people that operated in the same manner. Sad co-incidence, today is women’s day.

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