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Two Chinese men fined for burning banknotes to prove who was richer



Two Chinese have been lawfully punished for deliberately burning the countries currency. The men in a video burnt Chinese banknotes in a bid to prove who was richer on 24th of January. The two men from Tianchang in Anhiu province bagged a fine of $160 each.

The names of the men involved in banknotes burning were not given. They were eating dinner at a restaurant when they decided in a dare to start burning banknotes in a row to prove who has more money, Anhui TV reported on Sunday.
One man challenged the other to burn his money to prove he was richer, he accepted and they began the burning spree.

“I thought we were going to burn 500 yuan at once,” one of the men said in the video footage. “If you don’t have money, you’d better shut up.”

They two men were reported by another person in the restaurant who shared the video online,but it was not revealed how much was consumed.

Police tracked down the two men and equally fined them. In China, Deliberately damaging or defacing Chinese currency is a criminal offence and punishable.

“People at the dinner had drunk quite a lot of alcohol. After some argument, the two people decided to challenge each other.” a police officer told the TV station.