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This is why you should not use your towel as rag



My roommate bought a face towel but the problem was that whenever dhe cleans face with it, it leaves tiny wools on her face and because of that she stopped using the towel to clean her face.

She dropped the face towel at the doorstep where it was used as a foot mat.
Sometimes we used it clean our dusty shoes and slippers.
When we go out in this hot and dusty period we come back to clean our legs and shoes with that face towel.

One day a new tenant packed into our compound. Immediately she saw that very dirty and abandoned face towel he picked it, not minding the dirtiness.

She asked why were we using this towel as a rag, don’t we know it’s a face towel and it’s beautiful?
My roommate looked at her and laughed. New tenant left without saying more words. After a week we didn’t see the towel again.

Behold new tenant took it and washed it over and over till it’s completely clean.
She sprayed perfume on it and washes it everyday.
When my roommate noticed that new tenant has started using her “ex-rag” as a current face towel and she cherishes it a lot, dhe started wrecking that she needs the face towel back.
Saying it’s her face towel and she needs it to clean her face.
The issue went to the landlord who listened very well and told my roommate to remove mind from the face towel.
The landlord even gave her one old torn cloth to be using as a rag.
That was how roomie lost the fight to win her face towel back.

Some guys treat their babes the way my roommate treated her face towel.
May be because of one small issue you start treating the girls as if she’s a no one.
My dear “a girl is not no one ooo”
You’ll be misbehaving on her matter and one guy will come ,take her, tush her up
Brush her , get her new clothes, and new hairs when you see her shining you’d come back to claim love.

My brother let me remind you, “THUNDER IS REAL”

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