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This is the cause of the high temperature in Nigeria and how to reduce it



Most part of Nigeria is experiencing an uncomfortable high temperature. Many are literally blaming those in hell fire for opening the windows and letting out the heat. I go shirtless nowadays, which I do not do most times. Well due to the complains Nigerians are making even to the extent of blaming the president for bringing such hot weather condition. I decided to write of the cause of the high temperature Nigerians which is increasing the cost of hand-fans in the market.

I did a bit of geography back in school and I have come up with the cause of this high warmth. This may apply to all countries at the equator as they have similar climatic conditions.

One of the causes of the high temperature is due to the position of Nigeria. Nigeria is exactly 4° north of the equator. And as it is with most countries on the equator belt, the temperature is hottest there about 24° – 39° centigrade. This is due to the tilt of the earth, which keeps the equator closer to and always facing the sun. Sorry my fellow Nigerians.

Another prime cause of this is due to the type of wind which is experienced in Nigeria at this time of the year. Normally at this time of the year, the temperature doesn’t get this high. But certain climatic factors has increased the hotness – Global warming.
 According to Wikipedia “The single Dry season experienced in this climate, the tropical savanna climate in central Nigeria beginning from December to march, is hot and dry with the Harmattan wind, a continental tropical (CT) airmass laden with dust from the Sahara Desert prevailing throughout this period.”

This means Nigeria has this dry and hot wind coming from the Sahara desert (north) down to the south during the Harmattan season. We are still in the Harmattan season so kindly enjoy the heat.

But i’ll give you few tips on how to ease the high temperature.

  • Drink chilled water regularly
  • Wear bright cloths. Dark one absorbs light and heat.
  • Avoid heavy wears
  • For the sweaty types, avoid body creams and lotions
  • Increase the ventilation at home
  • Dust off the windows
  • Men go shirtless
  • Ladies try easy clothing i.e cloths that do not cover much.