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Stephanie Otobo withdraws her claim, revealing she was paid to slander Apostle Suleman



Stephanie Otobo, the Canadian based Nigerian who accused, Apostle Suleman Johnson, the general overseer of Omega Power Ministry for having an affair with her has retracted her claims. On a video which made waves on social media on Saturday, January 27, 2018, Stephanie. Otobo confessed to have been manipulated by some politicians and pastors, to defame Apostle Suleman. She said she came to Nigeria in pursuit of her music career, but she was used as a tool to defame by politicians who doesn’t like Mr. Suleman.

“My name is Stephanie Otobo. I am the lady behind this scandal of our father, Apostle Suleman.

Actually, I came to Nigeria with a very strong passion for my career, which is my music, and I fell into the wrong hands of some very strong and powerful politicians and some pastors who manipulated me in a very wrong way, with the intention to fall the man of God. 

The lied to me. They man me say all sort of stuffs that are lie but because of my desperation for my career, I succumbed to whatever they said 

Actually they promised me I would get my job, my career, whatever I wanted. So, that was why I got into it. At the time, I didn’t know what was going on. I just wanted to help myself. They paid me a lot of money”


The church shared the video first saying

“The only offense he committed was to have intervened in the numerous heinous crimes against the Church of Christ around the Nation and became a Voice for the Gospel.

“What followed was a well – doctored drama to attack the reputation of this Golden Voice and seemingly reduce the volume of his voice even as more evils were planned against the Church.

“After all the evil efforts, the secret agendas, the heavily funded set up and the unrelenting pursuits to snare an innocent man, they were futile. The master planner has finally vindicated his church and his servant. This is not only a victory for God’s Servant; it is a victory for the Body of Christ & The Church in Nigeria”.

Apostle Suleman was accused by Otobo for having an affair with her. He filed a defamation suit but Otobo was adamant enough to file a counter suit. She claims Mr. Suleman promised to marry her but and also impregnated her.

Stephanie before now had strong points against Suleman ,revealing a bank statement which shows bank transfers “Apostle Suleman” made to her account. She one time shared a scandalous chat she Apostle Suleman had with her.