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South Africa pastor who showered insecticide on his members has been found guilty of assault



South African self-acclaimed prophet who sprayed his followers with insecticide has been found guilty of assault.

As indicated by local media report, Pastor Lethebo Rabalago who is broadly known as the Doom Pastor was additionally discovered blameworthy of repudiating the Agricultural Stock Remedies Act, a court administering said.

Rabalago claims the creepy crawly repellent he utilized as a part of 2016 could recuperate tumor and HIV. A sentence is yet to be passed on after the decision by Mookgopong Magistrates Court in Limpopo area.

On Friday, officer Frans Mahodi told the court the state had demonstrated its case past sensible uncertainty that the five individuals who laid ambush charges were disregarded, South Africa’s national supporter SABC reports.

The magistrate said the fact that the complainants “were sprayed on their faces with Doom makes this offence [the] worst of its kind”.  He also revealed some of them had suffered “detrimental side effects… like coughing for more than seven months” after the incident.  Rabalago – who run the Mount Zion General Assembly was arrested after it emerged he had used the product to “cure” his followers of various ailments in 2016.

The pastor deserves some harsh punishment. He blatantly lied to people who fell easily for his sway that he is an ordained pastor. Like that is not enough, he got his followers insecticide sprayed. But blame the followers for blindly following the wrong turn.