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Nigerian man complains about girl’s pretence and it is a must read



Have you ever been so hurt by the way girls pretend that you can’t hold it anymore and want to gush out all you have in mind. That is the case of a facebook user, Bucknor Prince. he cannot bear it anymore as his friend was a victim to the girls pretence cause.

Read what he penned down below

Girls abeg stop the pretence cause e dey pain me big time as in my guys are always complaining to me. Abeg it’s becoming too much cause it’s not funny when a guy would be pouring his heart out all in the name of him trying to express his feelings for u and u the chick instead of u to just open up to him too and tell him how u also feel but instead u will hide what u feel from him all in the name of u are forming and saying things like ” I’m not interested or me and u can never work out” meanwhile within ur self u are like ” I love u so so much but I cant just give in like that ” well a popular proverb says ” flower🌸🌺way dey blossom ☀🌻remember also say that flower go one day fade away and die🌾🌿 “. So pls Dearie’s let just stop beating around the bush and call a spade a spade.Girls am not saying u shouldn’t form u can form sha 😎😒😒but don’t over do it cause it will surely lead to u having a shattered heart 💔.