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Have you read this thrilling jokes ?



1. Each time I kill a mosquito, I put it on a chair next to my bed so that other mosquitoes can see how dangerous I am.

2. All this girls shouting he broke my heart” its painful” see you let me tell you, nothing is more painful than Zipping your trouser mistakenly with your penis guys could testify to this situation.

3. Ask a girl online. …”How are you” and if she replies. ..”I am not fine”* .. *My brother….logout immediately, in fact Switch off, your phone and Remove the battery, remove your sim card, keep your phone out of sight because we all know what would follow that am not fine. No say I did not tell you ooo

4. How do we judge this A woman was breastfeeding her son outside, a lady, Passing by said he sucks just like his father. We ave been separating fight since

5. These girls complaining they hate boys with sagged trousers yet they have sagged boob’s, my sister birds of the same feathers fly together . Lemme come and be going before i start receiving miraculous slaps.

6. The way you see some girls speak English nowadays..You would think they don’t visit the toilet.

7. Ladies please shave your armpits, stop covering them with a laughing emoji when
taking a selfie. please don’t insult me cause am not your mate.

8. Slim ladies are beautiful the problem come when she is pregnant, she looks like python that has swallowed an elephant.

9. BOY: Hello Beauty, you look very pretty, what’s your name?
GIRL: Itz Mhiz Princess Beauty La Porch
Boy: Hmmmm. I would
like to know you better. Are you On whatsApp, Twitter,
Instagram/ Skype?
BOY: So how do I reach you?
GIRL: I’m on moneygram, western union, ATM, wire and bank
BOY: Oh Sorry!!! My Phone doesn’t support those

10.If u read dis post and you laughed, you owe me a share

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