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Guys share their experience on girls who scammed them with “Send me Transport Money first”



Girls are known for being sly when it comes to financial affairs with Guys. Guys cannot really tell which tactics the girls are coming with. Although guys have spotted some tactics which most girls use to dupe them but girls do change their style for sure.

This over-used line “send me Transport Money first” by the ladies is a means of tricking guys who have now noted this. But an unsuspecting guy usually fall for this, nose diving into an agreement and not knowing that it’s a trick.
Girls use “Send me Transport First” when they wants to get money from a guy who asked her to visit. As loving as guys can be, they send the money but the girl shows up only in the dream.
A tip for the guys, the only defence you have is to tell the girl “Borrow money, I’ll pay you double when you show up”. But you have to mean it. If the girl you shows up and you fail to keep your promise, you’re on your own.

On Facebook, Guys respond to the call when a post was made concerning “Send me transport money first”. Few revealed they fell for the trick, while other claim they were smart enough to sense the fish. See picture below.

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