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GTBank apparently defrauds student of N121,000, denies him withdrawing services and forces him out of the bank



Do you know your bank can take your money ?. Do you know , they can freeze your account at will and in your ignorance?. Well if you don’t know these, buckle up to read the experience a UNIPORT student had with his bank (GTbank) in Nigeria. He had a friend’s school fees in his account, he went to withdraw it, bang, the money is not there anymore. His bank has failed to help him because “he is just a student”.

I’m actually writing this post on behalf of a friend of mine. The boy is currently frustrated because GTBank Has Allegedly Refused To Release His School Fees.
Here’s his story.
On the third week of December – N121,000 was paid into my account 0254819523 (AZODO GODSPOWER) for the school fees of my roommate who just got Admission into the University Of Port Harcourt.
On the second week of January, I went to the ATM at their Branch in Location, Mgbuoba to withdraw but I got an error message that I should go to the bank and verify issues with my account. I went into the bank and they told me that I needed to upgrade my account with a national ID card in order to have access to the money.
I immediately came back to school and registered for the national ID card at Choba. I was asked to come and pick it up the temporary ID card at Rumuosi in the next two weeks .
I went and got the national ID card after two weeks had elapsed. I went to the bank today with the national ID CARD and went straight to the customer service.
I patiently waited in the queue until it got to my turn. When it got to my turn ,they sent me to the marketing department to fill a form of almost 3 pages. I went back to the customer service and gave them back the form with the ID card. I asked them if there After some minutes , they said that I should go and withdraw with the withdrawal slip since my ATM Card is not functioning. The customer service also confirmed that there was money in the account and they said that I can only withdraw N105,000.
I went to withdraw from the cashier and the lady there said there was no money in the account. I thought she was joking, I told her that I had money in my account , she replied that there was no money in the account and that all I had was N0.00 in the account. She accused me of coming to steal and threw my card and withdrawal slip away.
They said that there has been no transaction on the account. This is an account I have been using since September. I requested to see the manager and GTBANK Staff walked me out of their bank with their securi reason that I was disturbing staff and customers.
The school fees deadline is on Friday and my roommate is risking losing his admission because he has not paid his school fees.
I was accused of being a thief and walked out of the bank for an account I have been using since September. I was embarrassed in public and harassed simply because I’m a student. I had to borrow money to find transport money to go back to school.
This is simply a display of unprofessionalism within the Staff of GTBANK . This isn’t the first time GTBANK is toying with customers money. Something has to be done.
Please kindly share this post till it gets to the appropriate authorities