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Grandma leaves 10-year-old dangling from third-floor balcony to retrieve a fallen material



A young boy about 10 years of Age had to be rescued by fire fighters from the balcony of second storey of a building because his grandmother sent him down from the upper storey using a rope to retrieve a fallen material (quilt).

According to sources, the lad, from Nantong in east China’s Jiangsu province, made it safely to the balcony floor below but then could not climb back up and became stuck, Nantong Television reported. The lower flat had  no occupants, so the grandmother alerted the property management team, who contacted the emergency services.

15 meters ladder was used to sent a fire fighter to rescue the boy according to an official from Qidong Binhai Fire Service.

“We used a 15-metre ladder and sent an experienced fire officer to rescue the boy,”
“We tied a rope around the boy and put a helmet on him. It took about 10 minutes to rescue him,”
 the official revealed.

The report did not reveal the names  of the people involved in the incident, but quoted the fire official as saying that adults should take better care of youngsters during the school holidays.