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Fire destroys 200 stores in Jos Adun market in Edo State



It’s more like a co-incidence. I just watched the latest episode of Blacklist, where the bad guy was a rogue priest who finds it due to set ablaze a house with a woman who he finds attractive inside. That one, arson but this one is different.

Early this morning, fire burnt to ground Jos Adun market, prominently known as Kara market, in Benin, Edo State, on Thursday, wrecked products worth a huge number of Naira in around 200 bolted  stores. The market which is situated at Aduwawa, Ipoba-Okha LGA of Edo State, is for the most part populated by Hausas who offer garments, provisions, food stuff, shoes, among others.

The fire which exuded from an electrical fault in one of the eateries at around 9 am, additionally devoured different eateries and front rooms.

One of the fortunate dealers whose shops were not influenced by the fire, Abubakar Abdullahi, said that the fire began at around 9 am from one of the eateries in the market. “I was outside when I heard people shouting fire and when I rushed? to my shop, the fire has already engulfed most of the shops inside the market. So we started parking out belongings but I thank God that it didn’t reach my shop,” he said adding that in regards to 30 minutes after, fire fighters? acted the hero, yet that merchandise worth so much had been wrecked.

Abubakar said this is the third fire episode in the market since 2016. Likewise speaking Muhammed Ali, whose arrangements shop was leveled down, said he lost products worth over N1 million to the inferno.

Muhammed, a father of four children and two wives who lost his shop to the flames said he is confused and doesn’t know where to go or start from.
“I have lost everything that I have to the fire. I was not able to save anything, as you can see everything was burnt. I don’t know where to go from here,”

Another victim, Ali Kwara, a butcher, whose living room was affected?, said he lost money and other properties to the fire. “I don’t have a shop there but a room where I sleep. I was at the market selling meat when they called me that the place was on fire and when I arrived my house, money and properties were gone. This clothe I am putting on now is all that I have now. We lost over N10 million here. One person lost N700,000 and many other people also lost cash more than that and I am not even talking about the goods,” he said.

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