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Catholic priest sponsors wedding of 136 couples



A catholic priest Reverend Father who goes by the name, Lawrence Soja-Anyembugu, Parish Priest in charge of St Sylvester Catholic Church, New Nyanya, Nasarawa state decided to show kindness to 83 couples by sponsoring their wedding at once. Adding to 53 weddings he had already sponsored.

He announced this on Saturday during the wedding ceremony of 83 couples in commemoration of his 10th priestly anniversary in St Patrick Catholic Church, Akwanga, Akwanga Local Government Area of the state.

Well he stated that this will enable those who did not marry in the church to receive the sacrament of holy matrimony and to get their marriage blessed.

“I have decided to celebrate my 10th priestly anniversary to sponsor mass wedding for people who indicated their interest to have their marriage blessed in the church. As at Feb. 3, I have sponsored 53 couples in St Sylvester Catholic Church, New Nyanya.
“Today, I have sponsored 83 couples making a total of 136 couples to enable them get the sacrament of holy matrimony as well as to give them a sense of belonging,” he said.

During the wedding, Rev. Lawrence also emphasized on the area of tolerance and he implored the couples to be patient in their dealings with one another.

“The importance of church marriage cannot be over-emphasised as it will promote peace among the couples and also will enable them to get more blessings and God’s favour.”

Good things happen in the Nigeria society, but it’s occasional. In spite the economic hardship, Rev. Lawrence sponsored the wedding of 83 couples. Who knows how much he spent. Good tidings to the couples. Do you know that, there will be some church members who will not miss the reception of each of the 83 couples.

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