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Young Chinese doctor dies treating 40 patients on a long night shift



What a sad story you’re about to read, I recommend you get a tissue roll.

A young emergency doctor in China has just lost his life just as he busy night shift was coming to an end. In northwest China, 43-year-old Guo Qingyuan suffered seizure and chest pain as he worked 4 hours tirelessly to treat 40 patients that night.
Guo Qingyuan, 43, was coming to the end of a busy shift at the Qinghai University Affiliated Hospital on Wednesday morning when he started experiencing chest pain, palpitations and breathing difficulties, Xining Evening News reported on Friday.

Guo was the father of a two-month-old son and a daughter who is 10-year-old. His wife is also a doctor at the same hospital, according to Southern Metropolis News.
The loss has triggered some reactions from users on the net, pouring condolences to the family of the deceased.

“This is an unbearable loss for his family … his wife and two children,” one person wrote on news portal “Emergency doctors have a tough job and they have to work around the clock.”

“Many people don’t understand the work of doctors. But I know, after giving birth, that they don’t even get a set time to eat or rest because they don’t know when the next patients will arrive. I salute all medical workers.”