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This is why UNIPORT students cannot pay school fees – the school scammed them



Federal universities in Nigeria are sub-standard and not environment friendly despite the high school fess charge. State universities are nothing to write home about so let’s just leave that one.

Okay, schools have resumed, it is the best time to pay school fees. Normally, you would not expect a downtime while using the website of some Nigerian university, but as soon as it is time for school fees payment or student registration, hell let loose. School website either doesn’t respond or it crashes.
A good example is what UNIPORT students are currently facing. The schools website is down and students are not able to pay school fees. Amidst the frustration, a student decided to do a background check of the schools website and what he discovered was very disappointing. 
Its advised to patronise Nigerian companies but when it comes to quality of services, there are few companies in Nigeria who can deliver. It is alarming that a school website is down but it is killing to find out that the school contributed to the downtime. A very popular school such as UNIPORT got the services of to host the school’s website. my brothers and sisters, what do you expect?

By my own experience, Skannet’s website takes minutes to load, that alone has disqualified them. And the worst part is the bandwidth which they offer is not acceptable. Can you imagine UNIPORT settled for Skannet’s 1GB bandwidth hosting that is as cheap as 17K approx. for the highest plan.

UNIPORT students pay up to 30K for school fees and there are more than 10,000 students in total. Now do the maths 30,000 x 10,000 = 300,000,000. The funniest part is that the website where students pay the cash into is down. I’m just tired.

What will the world see education in Nigeria like ?. Don’t blame any UNIPORT student engaged in fraudulent acts when the school took the lead on that. Frustrating students over their education and their money. Then you see the bossy lecturers feeling like gods.
Little do lectures know that if every student decide to shun school, then go home reading those books they’re are pushing them to read, they will loose their job and go hungry.