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Shocking!!! Woman reveals she constantly have s*x with her son just to maintain his wealth



In zambia, A 52-year-old lady, identified as Banda Yvonne, has transparently admitted to having sexual illicit relationship with her child so as to keep her child’s riches up and running.

Prior, She revealed that she has been engaging in sexual relations with her child, known just as Abel each Wednesday for as long as 14 years, and the day she stops, the kid will lose his riches and bite the dust strangely.

Yvonne, a local of Ndola admitted to ZambiaWatchDog that she is the principle source of her child’s prosperity by offering her body to him once in seven days as instructed by the witch specialist he got his wealth from.

She was said to have once admitted in chapel and the minister of Great Kingdom Church, Zambia, appealed to God for her.

Yet, notwithstanding the admission and for expect that her child will endure and kick the bucket horrendously, she backpedaled to being the manager of his wealth and proceeded with the sexual association with her child.

Admitting to the daily paper, she stated, “I have been laying down with my child, Abel since 2002 when he began his transportation business which has developed immensely and he now claims an armada of trucks, transports and other little autos.

“We have sex every Wednesday and we do it at my house where the charm was buried.”

As per Yvonne, “the cost is that, once I quit laying down with him, all our well deserved riches will vanish in thin air and my child will bite the dust an extremely excruciating passing.”

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