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Sad!!! Pregnant sister of a popular dancer who was brutalized by Delta State police suffers miscarriage



An dancer known as Janemena via social media was fiercely assaulted by Delta state Police as was her sister and a pregnant sister who went into a coma like state due of the severity of the attack. This is not the first time the Nigerian police personnel is carrying out this sort of intimidation on Nigerians.

In the video shared by Jane, some policemen can be seen slapping her more younger sister. Her sister was likewise found in one of the video lying oblivious amidst the street. She said it was the officers who choked her at that point attempted to escape a while later. She went ahead to uncover that after the pregnant lady was taken to the healing center where the specialist educated them she was pregnant with quadruplets.

The assault left each of the three ladies with genuine real wounds that landed them in the hospital facility. Jane had swollen tissues and needed to have her hand bound. She said the cop in control later came to meet them in the hospital, offered NGN30,000 for their treatment at that point implored them to erase the video of the ambush and forget about it.

Just like that, with 30,000 Naira that is not up to $100.

Recent update has it that the lady who was maltreated by the ill mannered Nigerian Police personnel has suffered a miscarriage. She was said to have lost the multiple pregnancy due to the attack. Ruggedman, a Nigerian renowned rapper received an update from Jane which revealed the faces of the police personnels who carried out the diabolic act.

One of them is a male policeman while the other is a female policewoman who wasn’t dressed formally.

Watch video below


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