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Read why these 5 pregnant schoolgirls in Tanzanian were arrested



Tanzania in Africa is one the countries with the highest number of pregnant school girls. Usually the person behind the pregnancy is not known, but you see the girls come to school everyday with protruded belly.

Five pregnant schoolgirls in Tanzania were arrested  by the law enforcement agency so they could question them about the men who got them pregnant, authorities said.

The schoolgirls, whose names and ages were not revealed, were captured a week ago. They were later discharged on bail, Tandahimba District Commissioner Sebastian Waryuba said late Monday.

He said individuals are hoping to address two different young ladies in the area, which is on the Mozambique outskirt. Tanzania has one of the hardest laws against the individuals who impregnate school-matured young ladies, condemning them to no less than 30 years jail. Authorities said the punishments are proposed to demoralize early relational unions and young pregnancies that prompt school dropouts.

In any case, faultfinders say that in its enthusiasm to control young pregnancies, the nation is likewise harming and disgracing the powerless youngsters. Human rights bunches have scrutinized experts in the nation for actualizing arrangements that don’t enable schoolgirls to come back to class after they’ve conceived an offspring.

Human Rights Watch said numerous young ladies frequently encounter lewd behavior and abuse by educators in school and that schools need sufficient assurance and classified revealing instruments.

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