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Read what happened to this Chinese lady who refused security check, claiming to be a foreigner



Read what happened to this Chinese lady who refused security check

I had this belief that it was only Nigerians that deny their country but not until this Chinese woman who refused to be checked at the airport claimed to be a foreigner.

The woman whose name was not mentioned has being placed on a 15 days detention not for denying the country tho, but for refusing to go through the security norm at the Beijing International Airport. She refused to be touched by the security personnel saying that she hates being touched since childhood, Beijing Tv. reported on Wednesday.

But the security personnel insisted, that was when he let out her arsenal of abuses on the security personnel. The abusive Chinese woman claiming foreign said that as a foreign citizen she had the freedom to curse others as it was a common practice overseas, the report said. She added that after her treatment she would never return to China, like it’s not her country.

The woman was remanded in the nearest police station, this led to the discovery that she was a 32-year-old Chinese lady who lived outside China. She actually returned to China after either a business trip or to visit family relatives.

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