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Read what happened after cheating husband bumps into his cheating wife at a hotel



cheating husband bumps into his cheating wife at a hotel

Melo drama at a popular hotel in Zvishavane when a couple allegedly found each other on New Year’s Eve, each with a mystery darling obviously setting out toward romp.

The sensational episode which is purportedly the discussion of the asbestos mining town began when the man just known as Matapi, a tout at Mandava Bus Terminus went bonkers and mercilessly bashed his better half and her sweetheart.

Amazingly, amid the fight the spouse who appeared to be unconcerned that her tricking husband had caught her with a sweetheart apparently kept up her arms around him while asking him (darling) to battle back.

Matapi is additionally said to be a customary client at various visitor houses in the mining town.

A witness, James Mafa, said spectators were left in join as the spouse endeavored to beg her husband other not to humiliate them open.

Mafa said the man who obviously overlooked that he, as well, had cheated his wife by dozing around, raced to assault her and her sweetheart.

“Seething with anger he (Matapi) started beating his wife and her lover but fortunately there were people around who later restrained him.
However, things took an exciting turn when the two women also went for each other’s necks,” describes Mafa. 

He added:  ”As if that was not enough, the two women went on to UnCloth each other while throwing nasty barbs at each other. The scuffle drew the attention of passersby and other customers who immediately bolted out from their rest rooms to follow proceedings of the dramatic incident.
“From that day Matapi never reported for work and his wife is also said to have deserted their lodgings in Makwasha suburb.”

Staff members at the visitor house apparently requested the couple’s sweethearts to empty the premises and leave the philandering husband and spouse to deal with their issues.