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Meet Persian Hercules aka Iranian Hulk



They call this Iranian lifter ‘The Persian Hercules’ and you will have a hard time believing how huge he is…

Many say that ‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones is the biggest man on Earth, yet this Iranian lifter is being known as the “Persian Hercules” and you will have a hard time believing how enormous he is!

Meet Sajad Gharibi, otherwise called the Persian Hercules

Gharibi’s photos have turned into a web sensation since he began posting pictures of himself on Instagram.

Individuals call him everything from the Persian Hercules to The Iranian Hulk – Although not being green obviously.

This buddy is so enormous he doesn’t have a neck!

This Iranian powerlifter AKA Persian Hercules is just 24 years of age, however weighs 386 pounds of unadulterated muscle!
One fan even photoshopped his skin to be green and you can clearly observe the likeness to The Hulk.

When he remains without anyone else’s input, it’s extremely hard to comprehend his huge size. Here he is beside a typical size human…

Here he is confronting a mammoth electric post. We’re almost certain he could snap that thing like a twig!

He even went as far to get out the WWE’s Triple H. Would you be able to envision this person wrestling somebody? I would be frightened!

Individuals love to come up to him and take pictures, however he’s only an ordinary person like every other person.

One of his most loved side interests is playing computer games. In spite of the fact that I feel like he would smash the controller in his goliath hands.