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Ladies this is why you shouldn’t run after guys with flash cars



Yes the title reads “You should not run after guys with flashy cars”. But it doesn’t say don’t get to know guys with flashy cars. Here is the difference, “Run after” and “Get to know”. You know what happens when someone runs after someone and end up in sad story right ?

This is a case of lady who reportedly run after some guys with flashy cars and ended in a sad note, probably dead. Not to condemn guys with flashy cars, moreover there are good guys there with flashy cars but one thing is unique about the good guys with flashy cars – they don’t flaunt it. But the bad guys are total opposite. “Guys with flashy cars” is a line used to express a rich young guy.

See the lady who went after the gold but ended up being mined.

Literally Classic White is a slay queen who ran after a “yahoo guy” for the money. Well she ended up being the bait.