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Kenyan politician in injuries after wife bites him over sexy text messages



if you want to beat a man, catch him cheating.

A legislator, Mheshimiwa from Western Kenya is nursing serous injuries on his back after his wife truly battered him over an instant message from one of his clandes.

The fight broke after Mheshimiwa’s wife other picked his ringing telephone just to go over affection messages sent by another lady. A contention broke out prompting a clench hand battle and the resulting ‘deconstruction’ of mheshimiwa’s back.  The furious lady is said to have overwhelmed the MP who had taken one an excessive number of amid their fun period, and bit him more than once on his back and neck.

The lawmaker was spared by one of his kids who heard his sobs for help.

The lady has blamed the MP for being loosed and cautioned him that in the event that he doesn’t change, she will show him a lesson.

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