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Kenyan father reportedly kills wife and three children before setting house on fire



Most news report of incredible points to Kenyans, these makes me believe the Kenyan life is not comprehensive. The recent story coming from the Kenya tells of a man who literally raped two goats to death.

A Kenyan family of five – a man, his wife and their three children were reportedly altogether scorched to death by an inferno set by the father in the early hours of Tuesday Jan. sixteenth in Juja, Kiambu region.

Police reports says individuals from the area reported the fire at the home of one Patrick Nderitu Karuiru to the zone boss in Kiambu district. At the point when the region boss touched base at the scene, he discovered the neighbors putting out the fire.

After they figure out how to put out the fire, Nairobi News revealed that they discovered one roasted body of the moderately aged man laying at the veranda entryway with the other four bodies in the room. Each of the three assemblages of youngsters, matured younger than 10 years, had obvious head wounds, same to the body of their mom, Rosemary Kaninia.

Investigators in Kiambu area speculate the man killed his wife and their three kids before setting the house ablaze.

There were official report which could possibly tell the reason behind the reported action of the father. But looking at it from another perspective, there are chances the family’s death was as a result of an attack on the family. 

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