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Keke driver and his brother assaulted by Nigerian policemen for resisting extortion



It has become a norm for Nigerians to be embarrassed and even killed by Nigerian police personnel when they refuse to be extorted.

I frown at all policemen each time I see them, most of them are not even clean enough for you to come close to.

A facebook user, Yucee Plus posted a video which shows a police man assaulting a keke (tri-cycle) rider because the later refused to give the policeman some money. The attack happened Ejiji Junction, Woji Road in Port-harcourt, Rivers state.
Yucee made it known that the policemen where from Estate Police Station Woji, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

He wrote:

And after they’ll come and be dragging we are not a in “shithole” country. The way our police officers intimidate and harass ordinary Nigerians is really pathetic. This happened few minutes ago where I was…The police officers wanted to extort money from this young “Keke Napep” driver but he didn’t oblige because according to him there was no money to give to them, then they officers wanted to forcefully take away his tricycle but the young who was just trying to legitimately make ends meet refused them…then this horrible police officers started showing how unprofessional, wicked and barbaric they are. WATCH & SHARE, we MUST STOP #POLICEBRUTALITY.

UPDATE: These policemen are from Estate Police Station Woji, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.


Scene: Elijiji Junction Off Woji Road

Nigerian police have done more harm than Good, they are worse than terrorist. You expect them to be your protection while in other words, they bring terror to defenseless citizens See Pictures below:

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