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EFCC arrest “Yahoo Boy” while withdrawing £30,000 from bank



A Fraudster (Yahoo Boy) identified as Fidelis Iruedo has been captured by the EFCC for professedly swindling a United Kingdom subject of £30,000 in a romance and love trick.

The 31yr old was captured, after one Alan Digweed made a request to the Commission through the Nigerian High Commission, London, affirming that the suspect had swindled his victim of £30,000.  Investigations by the EFCC uncovered that Iruedo, who willfully admitted to the wrongdoing, met his victim on July and December 2017, by means of a date site,

The suspect, Fidelis Iruedo posing as a woman, obtained British travel permit utilizing the name ‘Tracy Anderson’ with which he used to swindle the victims.  He was captured in Abuja, amid an endeavor to make withdrawal in a bank.

On arrest, the things recouped from him include: a few scam letters, 3 flash drives, 1 iPhone and a PC. The suspect will be charged in court when investigations are closed. In addition to this, i’ll lift a piece written by a friend

There’s this stereotype that’s quite common among youths. I find it quite appalling that most youths these days don’t see any thing wrong in scamming foreigners all in the name of Yahoo or Yahoo Plus. I was talking with some friends a couple of days ago and all they believed was that Yahoo was an act to bring back the money foreigners allegedly stole from us. My question is Which Money? Is it the same money your elites are taking outside the country. You’ve thrown morality to the dust and the worst is the girls that fall for these internet fraudsters. When they end up using you or your friends for ritual, you’ll come to Facebook and start wailing. All that glitters is not Gold. If you’re dating someone, you have the right to know where his money is coming from, unless you’re that dumb that money clouds your perception of how things work.

I’m sure many of us who engage in legal transactions online have had many times when we have to prove that we are not scammers because of the bad name these guys have given our country. You don’t have to step on any body’s toes to get your cash. There are thousands of online jobs that can get you cash legally. If you’re a scammer on my friends list, kindly delete yourself now.

Get the kind of cash, you’d be comfortable to use any where and the sound of a police siren won’t move you.

By Sky Micheal Ajah

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