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Controversial photos that truly explains our society



You wonder what a society we live in when humans now live a lifestyle which is not suitable for the well being of humanity. Various things which we see or experience everyday are imposing a threat to us but we ignorantly neglect them.

Below are controversial photos which explains the sick state of our society that we neglect each day.

The meaning to these photos are deep as it goes down to open our minds to the true state of things happening around us.
We’ve become hooked by what we believe. Our various believes when taken to the extreme has imprisoned us and made us slaves to our own selves.
The leaders never truly cared about us. All the do is “use and dump”.
Be careful, the one whim you think loves you may turn out to be your killer.
Social networks now takes most of our time and we find it difficult to win.
Believe it or not, the mainstream media which may look different is steered by the same bearing-less force.
Facebook might be cool but beware of the sharks that are not.
if only th animals had their own court.
That is rise and fall of economy, because we left it in the hands of psychopaths.
If we don’t train our kids, we leave them to the internet. That is to say, of we do not train our kids, the internet trains them.
Don’t be a dumb ass because of your smartphone.
The planet can only be saved by the smart ones and not the ones brawling over it.

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