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Chinese car thief dies in an accident 10 minutes after he took a car at knifepoint



Have you ever experienced Karmo quicker than ever before ?. You know most times, they say it tkaes time for Karma to happen, but that was not the case of this robber. He who stole a taxi at knifepoint in central China and was killed 10 minutes after the theft when he collided with a truck, as reported by a news site report.

The man, 27, called an auto on a ride-hailing application in Changde in Hunan territory, revealed. The taxicab took him to a rural region and he hauled out a knife, requesting the driver to leave his bag and get out before driving off in the vehicle.

The robber, whose name was not given, even advised the driver to report the robbery to the police if he please.Police immediately followed the auto and tailed it.

The robber drove as fast as he could but he collided with an approaching truck as he endeavored to overtake another auto, the article said.
The taxicab, a white Toyota, was extremely damaged in the accident on Thursday.

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