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Abia State Government Plans To Steal Owed Workers Salary And lay Them Off



The government of Abia state has been owing their workers salaries for months, this includes Abia Poly staffs who are being owed about 9 months salary recently, this means out of 12 months in a year the were paid only 3 months…so awful. Now even after all the bailout the have received and all the Paris club funds being paid to the government to clear those depts,  the still refused to pay those salaries instead the plan to kill and drive crazy  those workers by throwing them out empty handed with no single penny to make a stand or clear their accumulated depts.

Instead of paying those salaries, the decided to go in search of workers that the think are not qualified to work by verifying WAEC results in which the sacked about 30 people without any single pay of owed salary or any fair trial or panel set for them.

As if those 30 people are not enough, the decided to go down to the level of first school leaving certificate, ‘this is a certificate that I can tell why it even exists because it qualifies nothing’. they verify those certificate and came up with names which included people who wrote first school leaving below 10 years old and other criteria thereby coming up with about 380 names, and now has decided to dismiss those workers as soon as their school resumes without any pay of owned salary.  ‘in which part of the world do people loose their job for getting a certificate below their age or for reducing their work age?’

lets do the math, government workers are paid between N30,000 to N400,000 depending on their level. We can come up with an estimate of N150,000 to be paid on average. This sums up to 57 million naira per month and a possible sum of 513 million naira annual estimate to be embezzled by government. What greater sort of broad daylight fraud is that? doesn’t Nigeria have law to protect such civil right, what is the EFCC going to do about such fraud? Basically, Nothing.

What we are talking about is the reward for them working for 5-6 times a week and every week in a month. In which part of the world are workers owed and laid off without payment of dept?. even the bible says in Romans 4:4 that ‘Now to the one who works, his wages are not counted as a gift but as his due’ and it evens condemns owing of salaries in Deuteronomy 24: 14-15.  if for any reason  the government thinks their workers are not qualified then the should pay them their dept before asking them to leave for any reason.

most of these people are already in serious dept, many have school fees to pay and home to fend for, most are already dead with no one to take care of their family while most are breadwinners and foundation of their family so procuring such act could actually affect their mental state cause the will not know where to start ,or are the asking these people to pick up guns?

please our law enforcement should look into this matter because we are humans and not animals that can be treated anyhow. the government should also consider the blood the are going to have on their hands before making such decisions  because no one denies them their salaries, their children are in foreign countries getting the best education possible then why punish other peoples children for no reason.the should remember that this are people who fought to vote them to power.the should remember that worst sin one can commit is sin against humanity.

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