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A 500L Babcock student runs mad, strips naked after he proposed to his girlfriend and she said “NO”



I still don’t believe that men can run mad over the love of a girl.

This is a story of a 500-level Accounting student of Babcock University who ran mad yesterday after he got “NO” from his girlfriend.

According to the twitter user who shared the story, the unnamed students went on his knees to propose. After the girl said “no”, he went extreme mad, pulled off his cloths running around and screaming her name.

Read what Santiago posted on twitter

So basically, A guy in my school, Babcock University was in a relationship with a medical student, she broke up with him and he went on his kneels in front of her hostel, begging her. Moving forward, he tore her shirt and he went naked. Shouting and running around.

He was shouting her name incessantly. He was running around the hostel like a mentally derailed person. Note that he was naked. NO CLOTHES. WHY????
So sha, the female security officers couldn’t handle him, they had to call for support. Other officers showed up with a pick up …

…vehicle. The guy was using them to do Legbegbe around the hostel 😂😂😂 just dribbling the security guys anyhow. Running around all the floors. Some ladies ran out in fear with Towels 😝😝. One even wanted to jump from the second floor.

See tweet thread below:

watch this video below

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