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8 months pregnant woman shot by Customs operatives in Ogun state



An 8 months pregnant lady, Mrs. Ogunlana Bukola was hit by the slug shell of custom officers who shot upwards all around to scatter a crowd at the early hours of Thursday at Ota, Ogun state.

Reports have it that Mrs. Ogunlana who is a staff of Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company (IBEC)was hit by the bullets on her back and the left half of her body, when the Cuseom authorities were on the pursuit for rice smugglers in the territory shot upwards with a specific end goal to scatter the group keeping them from making a the arrest.

She is said to react treatment.

Custom Federal Operation Unit (FOU) Zone ‘A’ Lagos representative, Jerry Attah, affirmed the occurrence and uncovered that the casualty was alive and is doing fine.

Come to think of it. Custom officers will be able to intercept those smuggling rice into Nigeria, but cannot apprehend those smuggling in arms which get to the hands of the Herdsmen killing scores everyday. It is no longer news that Nigerian borders are porous, but if the customs intercept illegal rice smugglers who carrying nothing but food, why can’t they intercept those injecting arms illegally into Nigeria. Tough question to answer.

watch video below [youtube]

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