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Woman Killed her husband and lived with his remains for six months



An Ohio woman, Marcia Eubank is charged with murder after authorities say she killed her husband, Howard, split his body and lived with the remains for six months.

Report from authorities say Marcia Eubank killed her husband Howard in June but was the couple’s son who finally called police. Neighbors thought Marcia’s husband, left home and moved to Texas months ago as the story Marci told to one of their sons, and to Howard’s employer of 11 years interprets.

“What they told me, he moved to Texas with his buddy because Marcia told him to either quit drinking or leave,” neighbor Bill Channell said. “Marcia, she’s just so calm, you know? She never bothered nobody, but I guess she just had enough. That’s the only thing I can figure.”

As evil as Marcia could be, the Summit County sheriff said, she texted his (Howard) boss on his phone, saying he couldn’t come to work because he had to go to the hospital, later texting again saying he was quitting and planning to move to Texas.

A $1 million bond was set for Marcia Eubank.

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