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Why Olamide invited Yomi SARS to OLIC to perform



Nigerians didn’t take when Olamide the indigenous rapper invited Yomi SARS to OLIC. You can recall that, an online protest was carried out by Nigerians with the Hashtag #EndSARS. The controversy is that Yomi SARS is a SARS operative that combines crime hunting with music. – How does that even work for him. He has a huge fan base though but it i think both side don’t meet. 

After Olamide made it open that Yomi SARS will be performing at the anticipated OLIC, Nigerians have ever since backed out from the occasion given that is a wrong move to let someone from the bad side shoe up in such event.
You will be wandering why did Olamide turn against the tide flowing in the right direction. Here is why he invited Yomi SARS to the event. 

Why Olamide invited Yomi SARS to OLIC to perform
Yomi SARS is a native of Lagos popularly called Gucci Mane Eko. His music genre is of the same background with that of Olamide. He makes music for the street, although he is a law enforcement agent of the dreaded SARS. 
His music rap is co-related with Olamide with his freestyle in Yoruba native dialect. His music life doesn’t not mix with his crime occupation. 
In fact he is loved on both sides of the boat. 
About his view on SARS criticism he took to his instagram page to air his view

“The #EndSARS is no longer one that any responsible Citizen minded Police officer can ignore, not necessarily giving credence to some of the gory yet vivid narrations but Policing is to maintain the public peace in whatever guise the unrest may come.

From Wuang, Dallas, Frankfurt, Paris, London and even Conakry Citizens have at some point in time, say recently protested against Police brutality.

It comes with the job, it is a sad truth. It’s same as the Doctor that leaves a spatula inside a patient or watches a patient die because the family couldn’t make cash deposit for treatment, it’s like the school Proprietors that wouldn’t allow the most brilliant child in the school write exams because the parents can’t afford to pay the fees, the Lawyer that breathes well knowing an innocent person have gone to jail only because legal fees couldn’t be paid . All these hinge on the individual’s world view, personal background and moral check list.

Definitely some Officers are on the extreme in the line of duty, some are on the job for personal gratification but we must commend the larger percentage who are worthy Ambassadors of the Police Force.

Those that daily defy the lack of basic needs like accommodation, uniform and other kits, up to date technology and equipments, no life insurance or worthy compensation for family and or loved ones in the case of death in the line of duty and with the little they’re given, combat violent crimes, conduct investigations, track down cunning criminals and do all they can to maintain law and order. I say again, a greater number of Officers of the Nigeria Police Force are Heroes without capes.

My simple suggestion in lending my voice to the #EndSARS is this; let us together raise the standard of our society, our collective existence as a people, for if we’re yet to realize every singular facet of the society reflects the whole, as no entity can forever stand aloof.

Justice is a system, a societal measure and as the Yorubas will say “Gba fun Muri ni gba fun Gbaja”. This of course shouldn’t stop the Police from looking into the various allegations levelled against the body, and the need to investigate and weed out the wolves amongst us.”

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