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Two Nigerians invents a generator that runs without petrol



Nigerians are thinking but the government is looting. Skip that. Two Nigerians have come up with an electricity generator that runs without petrol. Innovators of the Fuel-less generator, Engr. Gabriel Obinna and Moses Ezeilegbunam said that they come up with the generator because of the high cost of petrol and inefficient power supply in Nigeria.

I don’t think Nigerian professors can come with this. The generator which has nine hundred wax capacity – 900 watts, can power a ceiling fan, standing fan, television and a table top fridge for forty eight hours (48hrs) without interruption.

This type of project will need subsequent funding. But let me open your eyes, Nigerian government will not back this because reason being that Nigeria relies on Fuel products (Crude oil) to generate 90% of its income, so if a device that will drastically reduce the sale of the crude oil in the country, then the country will face the economic impact.
If on the other hand the generator gets pass the prototype stage, gets produced in mass and every Nigerian have this device, the oil company will have reduce the expenses used in producing crude oil, hence reduce quantity produced as Nigerians will now consume less. But you may risk sacking those working in the oil company cause lesser man power will be needed. Well, the sacked workers can lay hands on some lucrative business which will cost less because cost of electricity is drastically reduced.

Back to the Generator which is still a prototype
Engr. Ezeilegbunam further explained that the generator is a commodity needed by all Nigerians due to the bad state of power supply in the country. He asked the government to support them with funds to improve their incredible idea. He said: “The generator is highly ideal at a moment like this as it hardly needs maintenance.”

This device can slash your electric bills by 99%. Just that there exist no way Nigerians can back them through a startup forum like Indiegogo. On that note, if you see the project as a welcome development, you can go the extent of getting in contact with them.

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