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Security operatives shut down Leadership Newspapers over N100m debt



 Security operatives shut down Leadership Newspapers over N100m debt

Latest news from Dailypost Nigeria as it that the Leadership Newspapers is indebted to one Senator Isah from Niger State.

The force working under a court order which gives them the right to shut down the office and claim all Leadership Newspaper’s property including all vehicles found within the premises of the Newspapers which counted to about six vehicles have been towed away by the officers.

The Senator which was owed N100m had 7 years ago approached the court over a false publication against him by the newspapers. He won the case and was awarded 100 million Naira but the newspaper failed to pay up. It was also gathered that the editorial staff  of the news outlet were recently paid quarter salary, after several months of no renumeration. Staffs of the Leadership Newspapers are apparently working for free as they are being owed for more than 20 months.

DAILY POST was also informed that the official vehicle belonging to the General Editor has equally been towed away by the officers and security operatives, prior to the raid of the office had equally visited his home and confiscated important equipment in his house.

Sources told DAILYPOST that the Publisher, Nda Isaiah makes millions on a daily bases but intentionally refuses to pay salaries to his staffs.

” He lives in a house worth more than 1 billion Naira, yet he treats those working with him with disdain,” the source said.
Speaking about the terrible condition of the Newspapers due to poor management, our source said,
” Leadership has only one computer in the whole of the newsroom. All systems in the offices have crashed and the Publisher is unable to replace them. This goes to show how the Newspapers is being run. I can say the operatives are unlucky as they won’t find computers in the offices.
” And he is found of embarrassing the staff even when he is not paying. Imagine a pharmacist embarrassing and enslaving trained journalists.
”You heard about the disclaimer on Duro Hassan. This is the same guy that brought in over N130m for 400 pages of adverts. Simply because he removed N6million commission and another N2million of his salary, the Publisher dragged him to the police, and lost. Because he lost, he ordered that continuous publication of disclaimers on him. This is sad,” the source lamented.

Another source told DAILY POST that he is owed up tp 3 million Naira salaries, he added by saying Leadership is dead and the killer is the Publisher, Nda Isaiah who he said earns in millions from adverts. He added that we (the staffs) don’t know how the monies are being spent.