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My boss thinks am a fool, he sent me for 2kg of sugar but i only found 1kg so i never bought, I came to tell him that they only have 1kg. Very pissed he asked me why i never used my brain n bought two of 1kg to make 2kg.
So today he sent me for slippers size 6 but only found size 3, so this time i used my brain and bought 2pairs of size 3 to make 6 and took to him. He has told me to wait outside, i can see him typing i guess its a promotion letter.
Too much Sense is killing me

To my single Igbo sisters
In a few days time, your parents will be bundling you to the village in order to attract suitors( ndi sii abroad).
Dear sisters, in order for this trip to be productive and not repeated next year or during Easter, I will be giving you some free tips.
When you arrive village, ensure you do the following:
1. Greet people especially the old mothers and fathers- Nothing gives them joy like a township girl that greets. You will start hearing things like ( dis girl nwere obi ume ala) and the recommendations will start.
2. Make sure you keep going to watch football matches in the field every evening. Ndi abroad come by that time to scout for potential wives.
3. If you are a Catholic, don’t forget your finger rosary or Chaplet. That is the trademark of a well brought up Christian and humble wife material.
4. Target those babes that have marryable elder brothers and befriend them. When recommendations starts, you will be amongst the 1st 3.
5. Finally, when you go to church, make sure you bend down and dance, dance very well, shake your waist while going to drop your offering , the mothers are watching and assessing. The fact that they saw you dancing very well is an added advantage.
Sisters, apply all these and you shall be selling aso- ebi by February 2018.
If I don’t take care of my sisters, who will?….Thank me Later shaa

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