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Nnamdi Kanu is gone, What is the fate of Biafra land ?



There seems to be quietness in the Southern part of Nigeria dominated by people agitating for Biafra after the disappearance of their leader Nnamdi Kanu. The agitation led to the creation of IPOB which was sometime declared a terrorist organization.

I will not be writing to air my view on where i stand because i have already done that in series of articles “1000 words message to Biafra agitators“, “Nigeria versus Biafra” and so many others you can find on this blog by using the search button above when you input “Biafra” “IPOB” or “Nnamdi Kanu” in the search box.  In case you may not have time to read through those articles to know my stand on the Biafra issue. I’m not in support of any secession of any group from Nigeria, be it Arewa, Odudwa or even Biafra despite the fact i’m from an Igbo background.

This article is an expository and more like a solution to what every igbo or Biafran has been searching during the time Nnamdi kanu was in the spotlight. Nnamdi kanu was a puppet used by unknown persons to play the political games in Nigeria. His play on the stage is over and his audience are left in dismay not knowing their fate.
But one thing continues to marvel me is that the people who were being swayed by Nnamdi Kanu have no idea the power in their unity and strength if channeled in the right direction.

They said they were agitating for future Biafra and was willing to sacrifice their life for it, innocent and vibrant youths were killed, businesses stood still all for the cause of one man who is no where to be found, except for a Ghanaian based Nigerian lady who said she saw Nnamdi kanu in Ghana buying pizza.

The main point

When Biafrans marched the streets, the government was afraid. What if the everyone in Nigeria who wants an end to the suffering in Nigeria come together to march the streets protesting for transparency and an end to all the negatives happening in the country, the government will be forced by all means to succumb. But it’s too sad that the people seem to be used to the suffering and have lost faith. That is exactly what the leaders want, but a strong decision today will change the direction of the tide.

Igbos, Hausas, Yorubas and the rest of the diverse tribes in Nigeria unite as one, wake up, keep the background on the background, how long will you be played, how long will you take you to realise that when the people stand as one to oppose the bad leaders in the country and say no to corruption even in the littlest places, Nigeria will only be better for all. The fate of Nigeria lies in your hand.

Great, 2019 election is at hand and the leaders, good and bad ones are sharpening their campaign tools already. The youths who will let themselves be used are their only tool they bad ones have to get to the seat. You should by now know that being ethnical in your choice of leader has only brought doom to Nigeria and to you directly, don’t claim all is well when you know fully well all is not well. Nigerians should know by now that showing support in the way of marching with theses leaders during their campaigns have brought shame to us. I’m not trying to uphold political apathy as it will give room to those bad ones to creep in toto, but instead i’m raising the fact of being true to yourself in whom you choose to lead you.

Even if the person whom you vote for did not attain the seat, abstain from bringing up false controversies against the winner, it has made leading difficult for the good leaders trying to make a change. Let peace be your watchword.

Be a good Nigerian.

These pictures speak a thousand words, take a word from it an know your stand in making Nigeria the place you want to be.

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