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Mother beats teacher to death for flogging her daughter in school



In the early hours of Wednesday, 29th November, 2017 a teacher is said to have reportedly died after flogging a student in her class.

According to a reporte, Eze Amadi, the mother of the 14-year-old Okafor Chinaza, a student of starlight secondary school in Ogidi who was flogged fought and killed her daughter’s teacher for flogging her.

Story has it that Okafor was flogged for not sweeping the class when it was her duty according to the roaster. Okafor was said to have responded to the deceased teacher in a insulting manner when she was asked the reason for her not sweeping the class. She acted stubborn when asked to kneel down, so the teacher dropped lashes on her body which sent her (Okafor) running home to report the case to her mother.

Mother beats teacher to death for flogging her daughter in school

Okafor returned at exactly 3:23 with hero person believed to be her mum alongside a grown up man believed to be her uncle.  Okafor’s defenders forcefully got their way into the school and went to Okafor’s classroom to find out that the said teacher had gone for private school teachers meeting same day. There they were directed to the Proprietress’ office .

According to the Proprietress, she said that she was with one of her employee named Okamelu Tochukwu, a Physics Teacher when Okafor’s mum came to her office angrily.

I was in my office with one of my teachers when she came in, after her report and confirmation from the students that the teacher flogged the said Okafor Chinaza, I pleaded with the mother and uncle to allow the school dive into the issue with diplomacy as revenge won’t yield needed result.

Okafor’s mum took a ton of convincing to accept to forget and forgive as she was promised that the school will act justly to the case.

She had accepted to forget and forgive as I promised her that we will handle the case with ease.

Mother beats teacher to death for flogging her daughter in school

School closed, the teacher was said to be coming back from the teachers meeting she went to and met the student and her fighter mother. On getting close to them, Okafor who came with her mother and other relatives to deal with the teacher, pointed at the teacher to the mother.  Okafor’s mum rushed to hit the teacher severely with the stick she had come with.

After much beating to pulp, the teacher collapsed, and was rushed to Iyi-Enu Hospital in Ogidi where the doctor confirmed her dead moments later. The fighter parents and the wicked student are being detained by the police in Ogidi police station.

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