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More reason why the slavery in Libya is not worth the news



In the previous “Why the slave trade in Libya is not worth the news” i made mention of the death of Gaddaffi a boost to the slavery. Not as if i’m the only one seeing it from that perspective, a Facebook user has shared his view. Read below

Had Gaddafi still been around, the senseless barbarism we see on the news happening in Libya would not be an activity.
The so-called tyrannical rule of Gaddaffi is far more better than the duplicitous freedom the West was selling to everyone.
Woe unto the war hawks of Washington.
Libya was a peaceful and prosperous land until the war machines came. Libya’s citizens were living first class lives, no one was left out.

Gaddafi’s only crime was that he defied the West’s status quo and didn’t pledge fealty. We started hearing of “protests”. That so-called protest was only in Benghazi and was later found out to be a false flag carried out by paid merceneries.
Follow the money trail, the power trail.

Gaddafi had Gold and Oil. He refused his gold be trapped in some shady Federal Reserve. He refused to kow tow and let Libya’s oil fields be an exploration ground for the west.
This was infuriating to the West and they started their deceptive freedom campaign to topple him.
It was too late for Russia to realise the carnage that Washington had done. They flouted the UN’s directive to act with diplomacy; unilaterally attacked Libya turning that once beautiful place to a wasteland with guerillas claiming sovereingty to different parts of Libya. Anarchy is now the norm.
Then Putin vowed, NEVER AGAIN.
The War Dogs wanted to try similar with Syria: to oust the president, perhaps kill him too, using same false flag method.

Putin will have none of it as Syria is his backyard to allow such to happen.
He sent in his own tactical military specimen and fighter jets to quell the noise washington had been making for 2 years.
So far we haven’t been hearing any ‘Syrian noises’ again.
If we don’t learn from history, we are doomed.

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