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LOL!!! Chinese man buys alligator online but receives photos of it instead



A man in eastern China paid 1,500 yuan (US$227) for a couple of live alligator which he saw in video sharing application, just to be sent photos of the reptiles, police said in an online video posted by Shandong TV.

The man from Weihai in Shandong area, who was just identified by his surname Wu, made the purchase on December 3 from a seller posssing to be a gator agriculturist, after a thorough review a video of the reptiles on Kuaishou, a popular video-sharing application in China.

Wu called the police after his demand for a discount was turned down, a cop said in the video. Wu had counseled the merchant about cooking gator meat and the advantages of drinking crocodile blood, the officer said. Police did not state if the merchant had been distinguished or kept.

As indicated by Chinese law, am official permit is required to rear alligators.

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