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Laugh out the stress by reading this jokes



1) I bought Gucci soap for ¢200 and Gucci sponge for ¢350 and since morning I’ve been looking for where to bath for people to see me
Abeg u people should come to stadium by 7:30 oo…
2) “Most Girls Pray For Hardworking men, Yet They Don’t Respond To Greetings From labourers.”
What ar u expecting
3) Gentlemen No girl is ugly…It’s just that some of them look like their fathers
4) I don’t know what’s wrong with me, If a girl call me darling, i feel like transferring money to her
5) Some Girls Want A Guy That Will Be Checking On Them Every 5minutes…..
Abeg My Sister Are You Livescores??
Let me run ooo…..
6) I have a question for those who don’t eat pork saying that the demons were cast into the pigs… Why do you still drink water since the pigs ran into the river ????
…. _wisdom will not kill me …..
7) This heat is too much, you might think the Government has chewed the money meant for the rains…

8) I dat survived 9 months in my mom’s belly without light..
Nepa don’t even know me oo..
Since morning they refused to give us power supply and they tink they are doing me …
Abeg let me dance.. Who will join me..
9) I bought power bank for 500 Naira at the junction…And I was very happy it was cheap until my phone started charging the power bank
Abeg what type of witchcraft softwork be that?
10) Yesterday I decided to use this shortcut that passes through a cemetery. Two ladies ran towards me telling me how scared they were walking alone so they joined me.
I told them even me I used to fear when I was alive.
I can’t tell u their speed limit
11)* A mad man at Nsukka Psychiatric hospital
climbed a tree and spent half of the day on
tree. All of a sudden, he let go of the branch
was holding and fell straight to the ground
full force.
One of the Doctors rushed to the scene and
asked him, ”Emeka what’s the matter with
The mad man gladly replied…

12)* That awkward moment when you woke
around 1am to urinate and your phone was
3%, then coincidentally,nepa brings light,
you went to plug your phone then you go
back to
sleep immediately… You woke up in the
morning around 8am and there was still
you checked your phone and it was 1%,
you realize you didn’t switch on the socket….
You switched the socket on immediately,
nepa took the light…
The witches in your village will just whisper
your ear— No do, No do, No do gara gara
13)* I’m tired of this Dettol
Adverts, children nowadays believe there
are Germs
My 5 yr old Nephew goes around with
a Dettol can in his
pocket. He Sprinkles his friends
before he plays
with them…..
Sprinkles his books
before reading…..
This morning, my tea and bread tasted
awful…I Took a few sips n bites
before I realized
Nephew had poured
Dettol in my Breakfast to kill germs…. If my
nephew doesn’t kill
14)* The way African people are black.if you
them at night,the bullet will come back and
ask for a torchlight

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