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Lady exposes her ex-boyfriend after he set her house on fire



It’s unbelievable how relationships end in tragedy in this modern age. An American woman, Jalecia Jennings has taken to Facebook to call for equity against her oppressive ex, after he set her home ablaze. From what she wrote down, it tells that her ex turned to her worst nightmare, caused her harm in so many ways even to the extent of setting her house on fire.

She shared photographs of him and the burnt home and posted;

“When you shot up my car I put the pieces back together. When you put bleach in my gas tank, I put the pieces back together. When you called the police on me and they came to the church when I had a warrant, I put the pieces back together. When you took my debit card and I couldn’t take Jeremiah out for his birthday that crushed my whole heart but I put the pieces back together; but this is more than I can bare, and I have nothing else to take. Jesus I’m all cried out. Enough is enough man. I’m tired of letting myself, my kids, and my sisters down. I don’t want my son growing up thinking that this is ok. Being in a shelter this year was the LAST thing on my Christmas list. How do I explain to a 5 yr. old that Santa is not coming this year?? Or how do I answer him when he’s asking me mommy why can’t we go home, if there’s no home to go to?? I have some tough skin and I try my best not to show weakness but I’m only human. I’m asking all of my fbf’s to help me bring this criminal thug to justice. If you know of his whereabouts please contact law enforcement and let them know. This guy intentionally set my apartment on fire for no reason at all and held me at gun point for trying to call his brother to come pick him up from my house. My babies Christmas is ruined because of this guy. Please share my post and help me get justice this time. I’ve let him get away with too much but not this time. I will not stop until Brodrick Rashaud Robinson is put behind bars on God….” 

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