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Humans with super powers caught live on camera – Video



Many have doubted that humans do have super powers. Humans ability have not being harnessed but is seems some humans have already unlocked there super ability before others.

There is no scientific explanation for what you are about to watch in the video below. You are safe to doubt it but if you ever doubted that humans have super powers, after watching this video you will be coerced to rethink.

One of the humans saved a shopping cart from hitting a girl, while a man was saved from death by a teleporting guy on hood.

Watch video of humans with super powers caught live on camera.


Here is what it think
Humans having super powers or Juju (magic) is just a level of science human have not attained. In other words, magic is unexplainable science.

Time travel:Time travel is possible, don’t judge me because i have facts. Except the regular fact that time is the 4th dimension aside, length, width and height and that makes is manipulatable. 

Time, is actually a place. 
Imagine seeing yourself appearing in your bedroom 10 years before now. if you can do that in reality, you did not move but you actually moved through time, you manipulated all dimensions including time ans somehow get back to the space 10 years ago. So you literally “went” back in time. And you can only “go” to places. They said if you must time travel, you must at least go faster then light and  that is achievable.

Tele-portation: Without much explanation, tele-portation is the only power that can be said to be real cool. How i can explain it. Tele-portation is about moving every single atom in your body through space to a different location without altering any property of the atom not even chemical content. The only way to do this is to be able to scatter non-destructively every matter connected to you, target it to a location in the limitless multi-dimensional space and finally construct it back.

I would love to explain how super powers is possible but let me stop at this two. What do you think about super powers, Comment below