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Full story of Praiz arrest



The story concerning the arrest of Nigerian singer is a two sided one. One side of the story has it that the singer was arrested by SARS officials. In bid to get more information LIB contacted an associate close to the Praiz who revealed that Praiz was heading to an end of the year party. Riding riding in an Uber when his Uber driver had a clash with some SARS personnels that stopped him around Ajah in Lagos.
In Nigeria, the police cannot have a case settled at the spot, the SARS officials requested that the  Uber driver follow them to their station. Praiz had to go with the Uber driver to see the turn out and how the issue can be resolved.

The other side of the story coming from the Lagos state Police is slightly contrasting the former. The Lagos State Police Command Spokesperson, SP Chike Oti who spoke to LIB said Praiz was driving along the Lekki-Epe expressway at top speed and this coerced the police officers to stop him in order to conduct a ‘stop and search”.

However, as soon as Praiz stopped, the Police men began questioning him, the police claimed he brought out his camera and began recording the scenario while shouting at the top of his voice at them. Chike Oti said that it was at this point, police officers asked him to follow them to the station to explain what led to his outburst.

Oti revealed that it was actually police officers and not SARS officials who took Praiz to the station at least the good news is that the issue has been resolved and Praiz has been released.

Here is what i have to say:
The two stories are in contrast to each other and the one from the Lagos state police spokesperson is not factual. Nigerian police has the right to bill immediately someone going at a top speed without taking him or her to the station. The story from the praiz associate has it that Praiz was in an uber, so how is it that someone who boarded an Uber could be the one driving. Hmm.

If it was an ordinary Nigerian believe me you, the person would not have left that station. Both Nigerian police and SARS need to be re-structured and re-oriented, so they understand that they are meant to SERVE Nigerians and not be the oppressor.

Whether is was SARS or Nigerian police, the fact still remains that it was a law enforcement unit that stopped Praiz, took him to the station and whatever happened in the station is still mystery.