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#EndSARS – Nigerian cries out



Dear “Internet Marketers”How Do You Defend Yourself When Police/Sars Stop You On The Street?
Do you think dressing decent will save your ass from their intimidation? Hell “No” it doesn’t work in my crib here in lagos,so far you are young/look fresh and sometime press phone while working in the street.
As A Freelancer! how do you explain the functions of VPN when the see it in your phone, How do you tackle that look on their face when they see (Upwork/Fiverr) with Foreign profile “mostly gorgeous looking lady” with your location pointing to USA,because they don’t even give a fuck about checking gig to know the service you offer.
You know the have that special way of asking irritating/disgusting questions,to trigger your own anger…so you can reply in a very resentful manner!!!!which will then give them the reason to land you that almighty slap,that will make you think for sometime and blame yourself for even coming out in the first place.
CRYPTO ENTHUSIAST…..How do you convince them that all you do is buy cryptocurrency low and sell high. do they even know the what bitcoin and altcoins is all about?
iTune Card Loaders!!!!!! you buy card from some guys to exchange for ‘bitcoin” right? How do you all tell them the source of cards you load….what is their feelings when they first see Localbitcoins and Paxful App on ya phone.
I know some Forex traders will be forming “james bond” because everybody definitely knows what forex is all about and it’s only business those sars sees as a legit as fuck…
but believe me in some part of this world especially in Nigeria, Lagos state to be precisely, as a young and fresh looking guy that flow mostly with Casual wears like “packet shirt,flashy necklace, eye catching wrist watch” God come bless your brain to the extent you drew tattoo or have dreadlocks…..bros even if you legit pass buhari…they’ll ask for their cut and if you fail to drop it without hesitation… you go first chop that hot slap before telling them the meaning of “Legit” that’s when you get to their station.
Now Atiku wants to politics with the youth through his tweet, i don’t even know what to say……but please even if they don’t end sars, let them at least stop all this inhuman/unnecessary evil that they perpetrate on the youth every single day…in the name of what i don’t even understand… it doesn’t add up.
they might as well change the name from anti robbery squad>>>>anti fresh boyz squad. so we’ll always have them in mind.
It;s not necessary for all the youth to become a burden to the government by depending on their “white-collar job”
Some of us can be good in risking on icos….just like me myself lol.
some can be wizard in programing==social media management===graphics design===cpa/affiliate marketing===cryptocurrency trading===blogging===web development and many other skills.
so #scrap_the_fucking_sars #Endsars or #stop_sars_from_harassing_boyz_in_the_street.
-Nnajiofor Sunday

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