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Couple cooks four-months old baby in a microwave after cracking his skull and burning his face



When you think you have heard or read the worst, the worst keeps coming.

An American couple – Derick and Mikala both of the same age 22, have been arrested for putting their 4-month-old son in a microwave, like that is not insane enough, the couple were also arrested for burning the child’s face with bleach and dropping him on his head.

Test results have it that the child sustain a fracture in the skull, fatal brain bleeding and large second-degree burn on the face.

The wife, Mikala told the investigators that it was her husband derrick that inflicted the head injury on the boy when he intentionally dropped him from a fair high level. She said Derick was copying a TV commercial and he placed their son in the microwave for a short period of time when he turned it on while she gave him the face burn by scrubbing his face with a towel soaked in a bleach substance.

The deadly two were also the parents of a girl, who was for some reason handed over to social services shortly after she was born in January 2016.  Derick and Mikala have now been jailed on a $500,000 (£370,000) bond after they were charged with felony child abuse.

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