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Chinese student left in coma after her school ‘made her stand in the cold as a punishment’



A middle school schoolgirl at Guigang City Daxu Township Second Junior High School from southern China was left in a state of insensibility after her school professedly made her remain outside on a very cold night.

The accusation were accounted for by News Online, a current affairs program which is normally broadcasted on Guangxi Network Television on Sunday.

It said Yang Haoyue, the student, was in a deep coma in an emergency unit.

Yang is dreaded to have built up several organ failure since she passed out on December 11 at Guigang City Daxu Township Second Junior High School.It was asserted that the Year Eight student, who is around 13 or 14 years of age, first passed out on the night of November 29.

She and eight different young ladies in the residence were accounted for to have been sent out by their instructors subsequent to being found talking after sleep time.

One of Yang’s schoolmates told the program that the young ladies had been requested to remove their shoes and remain on the play area shoeless and in nightgown late during the evening when the temperature was around 13 degrees Celsius.They were then told to get down and assume a press-up position.

“They told us to get down, with our hands supporting our body and if we dared to move, the punishment would be increased by 30 minutes,”

 -one of Yang’s colleagues revealed to News Online.

Yang began shaking following a couple of minutes before what seem to be a seizure and blacking out, said the student.

She was rushed to doctor’s facility and was revived yet the experience seemed to have influenced her wellbeing as she whined about in chest pain before passing out for a second time. In interviews with different students and guardians the TV channel heard claims that other extreme physical disciplines were utilized at the school.

News Online went to the school however was dismissed by instructors and quickly locked up by school security.

As per Beijing Youth Daily, Daxu township police are currently investigating the case.

It cited an officer as saying they would check  security camera film to check whether it upheld the claims.

Yang’s dad said it costs the family 20,000 yuan (US$3,000) a day to help Yang’s serious care and he approached the school to take care of everything.

It was hazy whether the school would offer money related help to the family.

The school couldn’t be reached for response.

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What do you think of the teacher asking the girl to go out in such an icing temperature ?
Was the punishment right ?